Varsha Kulkarni Hi Friend! How are you today ?

First of all thank you for taking out your valuable time and stopping by my website…

Who am i ?

My name is Varsha Kulkarni and i am from India, presently i am a housewife and a full-time mother.

What did i do in the past ?

Being academically and professionally well qualified in computer softwares (BCA, MCA, Master of Computer Management (MCM)), i have a past professional experience in teaching computers and taking computer programming lab sessions at college level.

Why this website ?

Having interest in computer programming, teaching and cooking, i am always ready to go an extra mile to explore new dimensions in my areas of interest.

I thought it would be a great idea if i put up a website to share and discuss my thoughts, ideas and experiences with other like-minded and interested individuals.

What i expect ?

NOTHING!!! Its all FREE here…
Go explore my website, and i am sure you will find something useful or worth reading.

However, if my website helped, i would appreciate you spreading a word about this website – put it on public forums, mention it in your presentations/speeches or link it through your own website (let me know if you need any customization or any other help in this regard).


Was the website content useful ? – Are you (un)satisfied and (un)happy or wish to suggest something, please email me.

Help me get better with your feedback, i definitely look forward for your valuable feedback on my website and its content.

Please email me your feedback at : varsha@varshakulkarni.com and i will be glad to implement those suggestions.

Waiting for your feedback, and hope to see you soon!

Thanks again for your time…

Varsha Sign

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